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Services available

  • Pay as you go Studio Sessions (once an initial consultation has been complete)

  • Monthly Membership

  • Online services - Telehealth corrective exercise coaching 1-2-1  

  • FES RT300 (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Upper or lower Body cycling  6 or 12 week packages 

  • FES functional therapy sessions  

  • APS Therapy ( Action potential Simulation) provided at the  Healthworkz studio  or equipment to hire.

  • ALPT (Active for life Personal training)

  • Physiotherapy Services 



Healthworkz studio membership


A monthly membership to the neuro fitness studio is available to people who wish to do regular session a week. it is a great cost effective way to to get active and keep regular session going.

Ask the HealthWorkz team for more about memberships 


FES Therapy

FES RT300 (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Upper or lower body cycling 

A specialized piece of equipment that is designed for general rehabilitation purposes.


Benefits of FES cycling are 


  • boost  circulation 

  • Improve Joint range of motion 

  • Stimulate muscle tissue so that it reduces muscle wastage 

  • reduce Muscular spasms 

How! Though placing multiple electrical pads on specific area of muscle, our qualified trainers can stimulate muscular contractions through electrical stimulation to elicit relative ranges of motion that are required when cycling. so this can to achieve higher level of movement and stimulation in the tissue. whether doing lower or upper body cycling.

Our team at Healthworkz will help you focus on areas of importance and develop a plan  that will help you on your journey with a long term condition.


An initial consultation/ assessment/ muscle test is required before commencement on a course of FES for more information please call or email the Healthworkz team  



Studio sessions

Studio sessions that are based on booking out individual pieces of equipment on an 30 or 60 min basis. Whether using the Thera bikes, Vibration platform, balance trainers Cable pulley or parallel bars. Our exercise coaches will help design a program from the initial consultation and setup the equipment to help support you around relative needs and requirement to get active.  You do not need a referral for this service! you can contact the Healthworkz team by phone or by email on our contact page.

(All new clients to the neuro fitness Studio will need to have an initial consultation to asses levels of mobility and medical history.)  

Group Therabike

Online services - Telehealth corrective exercise coaching  


"Cant get to our studio or live far away" no problem!

 Come and join our online friends of fitness program were our experienced exercise coaches can help and support  you every step of the way, with our ever growing online telehealth service. ( see our packages on the pricing page )

 A fantastic way to compliment your existing activity or exercise program. Get the support you're looking for, get in touch with the team at   


APS Therapy 

A safe, effective, drug free treatment for pain relief, and to enhance recovery or injury repair and energy, using an APS Therapy machine. APS stands for Action Potential Simulation.

Action potentials are the tiny bursts of electricity that transmit information in the body, otherwise known as ‘nerve signals’. The APS Therapy machine sends a copy, or ‘simulation’, of action potentials, through the cells, using electrodes attached to the skin. it is applied in the same way that a TENS machine is applied, but works in a very different way. 

Treatment involves sitting comfortably for around 30 minutes, and is absolutely safe and pain free.


APS Therapy assists in pain relief, injury repair, and energy in 4 key ways:

1) Stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms, by increasing the the production of ATP,  the molecule that creates and transports energy in the body. 

2)  Reduces inflammation and assists removal of waste products by boosting the electrical communication between cells

3) Reduces pain by increasing the release of neurotransmitters involved in pain reduction

4)Enhances sleep by increasing production of melanin, which aids restful sleep and well-being.

You can do a course of treatment or hire a APS machine through the HealthWorkz Studio. please call or email for more information.

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07861 625864

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