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HealthWorkz studio session pricing


Initial consultation (program design, set up and initial session)           £25


Single session payments


60 min Single Session payments                                                          £10

90 min Single session payments                                                          £15

Monthly memberships standing order packages >

Option 1 - 1 x 60 min Session per week                                             £40 per month

Option 2 - 2 x 60 min Sessions per week                                           £60 per month

Option 3 - 3 x 60 min Sessions per week                                           £75 per month


Option 4 - 1 x 90 min Session per week                                            £67.50 per Month

Option 5 - 2 x 90 min sessions per week                                           £112.50 per Month

Specialist programs

Online Telehealth 1-2-1Corrective Exercise Coaching                        

Telehealth service package                                                                  £99

(Includes your initial consultation period, first session, program design and 3 month access to our telehealth service online.)


continued access to online content after initial period                       £10 per month 

1-2-1 session or reviews as part of friends of fitness offer is              £25 per session



FES RT300 Packages (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Upper or lower body cycling. 

These packages are designed to maximize potential training effect and outcomes, all session are on a 1-2-1 basis with a Healthworkz specialist trainer. Regular reviews and progress monitoring will support you every step of the way.

Initial consultation, Program design, Muslce testing and first set of Pads     £60

6 week Program of 12 sessions 2 x per week                                                £180

12 week Program (2 session per week)                                                          £360

Payments can be made in 3 or 4 weekly payment depending on packages taken.


FES Therapy  

Specific FES therapy based around Individual needs, (FootDrop, developing Sit to stand, Trunk muscle development programs) Speak to our HealthWorkz Team for further information)          


Consultation includes initial session                                                            £30

6 week Courses                                                                                           £120

12 week Courses                                                                                         £225



APS Therapy  ( Action Potential Simulation)

Initial consultation and setup                                                                       £30

6 week courses                                                                                            £120

APS Machine Hire 6 weeks ( after an Initial course has been completed Individuals can hire APS equipment for continuing session)                                                £90


Group sessions 

Group session can be done either in the studio or in the gym. Please call the Healthworkz studio for more information. 


Active for Life Personal Training  (ALPT)                                                      £45 Per hour

1-2-1 Personal Training utilizing both Energyze Gym & Healthworkz studio 


Payments Can be done through Cash payment / Visa/ Debit card or set up standing order for monthly payment.


For any other queries or questions please get in contact with the HealthWorkz team using the contact details below or fill out your details on the contacts page. 

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